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This wiki is set as a public space for community members, genealogists, geocachers, concerned citizens and organizations who would like to locate and support the preservation of unknown, abandoned, historical or endangered cemeteries in Louisiana.

  • The State of Louisiana laws pertaining to the creation, upkeep, and preservation of both local cemeteries and historical cemeteries.
  • The Louisiana Cemetery Board is an organization in charge of certain cemeteries, certain cemetery laws, trusts and liscening pertaining to cemeteries in Louisiana. (See their webpage for further information. Changes "amended" in 2006).
  • Each parish in Louisiana has (or should have) its own set of laws governing the care of our cemeteries.
  • Louisiana Saving Graves Yahoo Group was created by Saving Graves in an effort to promote Cemetery Preservation in Louisiana. The Louisiana Cemetery Preservation blog also posts to the Yahoo Group, lasavinggraves.
  • This wiki is in support of Saving Graves, Historic Preservation, USGeoGen, USGenWeb and LAGenWeb.
  • Read about cemeteries as a "textbook of community history" on History Works Ohio and start your support of Louisiana Cemetery Preservation wiki.
  • Read about how you can volunteer and tell others about your recent cemetery visit.

News about Louisiana Cemeteries

News is posted on the discussion tab of this home page. The most current post of the thread is located at the bottom of each individual message thread. Most entries are cross posted to the LA CEMETERY PRESERVATION mailing list. The RootsWeb message board for LOUISIANA CEMETERY PRESERVATION cross posts to the mailing list.
You may contribute to discussions at the Ancestry Rootsweb Message board, which will cross post your message to the RootsWeb Louisiana Cemetery Preservation-L mailing list. Links to both websites are at the left.

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